-Results from World Cup Final in Stuttgart (Germany), November 30 and December 1:

    Gervasio Deferr: 8 floor

    Andreu Vivó: 4 paralels bars

-World's results:

    Elena Gómez: floor world champion. Photo from As newspaper (EFE agency):


Elena02As.jpg (5173 bytes)


    Gervasio Deferr: floor 2nd. Photo from  Mundo Deportivo newspaper:


Gervi02APMD2.jpg (39251 bytes)


    Andreu Vivó: 7 PB

Too: Rafael Martínez was in PH and V semifinals and Elena in BB semifinal. 

-Spanish Team from Debrecen Worlds, November 20-24:

    Men: Alex Barrenechea, Victor Cano, Saúl Cofiño, Gervasio Deferr, Rafael Martinez y Andreu Vivó

    Women: Elena Gómez

-November 2, in Vera (Almeria) has had a woman gymnastic meeting between Spain, Greece and Mexixo. Elena Gómez has won, the second has been Lenika de Simone and the third Patricia Moreno. In team competition, Spain has won with 144,075 points, the second has been México, 136,550, and the third Greek, 134,875. Photo from El Ideal de Almeria newspaper:


Vera.jpg (8682 bytes)


Photo from the oficial page:


04.jpg (53272 bytes)

-In Glasgow International Prix, October 25, 26 and 27 de Octubre, Alex Barrenechea was 4º in floor final and Andreu Vivó 4º in PB final.

-In October 25 and 26 was Spanish Cup and Iberoamerican Cup in Alcorcón (Madrid). Elena Gómez won in both, the second was Patricia Moreno. Argentin Celeste Carnevale was the third in Iberoamerican Cup, and Lenika de Simone in Sapnish Cup. In men, colombian Victor Hugo Giraldez won the Iberoamerican Cup and Saúl Cofiño won Spanish Cup.

-In French Internationals, October 19 and 20 Gervasio Deferr, recovered enought from an injury, was the first on floor. By the change Elena Gómez, Alex Barrenechea and Andreu Vivó weren't clasifyied for the finals events. Photo from Gervasio in Mundo Deportivo newspaper:


DeferrIFMD.jpg (17910 bytes)  

- 2002 men spanish champion photos, Alex Barrenechea, from Marca and Mundo Deportivo newspapers:


barrenechea_marca.jpg (14584 bytes)

 AlexMD02.jpg (13330 bytes)

-The spanish men championship was on October 11-13 in Vitoria. Gervasio Deferr only was in floor and vault; Jesús Carballo didn't play, althought he was there and he said he was recovered very much from his injury and he will probably take place in next worlds. Here the results:

Senior results:


1.Alex Barrenechea 53.200
2.Saúl Cofiño 51.850
3.Javier Carballo 50.850
3. Jose Luis Fernández 50.850


1.Gervasio Deffer 9.500
2.Victor Cano 9.150
3.David Pavón 8.900


1.Javier Carballo 9.250
2.José Luis Fernández 9.200
3.Saúl Cofiño 9.050


1.Oriol Combarros 9.800
2.Andrés del Valle 9.150
3.Alex Barrenechea 9.100


1.Gervasio Deffer 9.450
2.Saúl Cofiño 9.100
3.David Pavón 8.750


1.Andreu Vivó 9.200
2.José Luis Fernández 9.100
3.Alex Barrenechea 9.000


1.Saúl Cofiño 9.150
2.Andreu Vivó 8.850
3.José Luis Fernández 8.350


Junior results:


1.Iván San Miguél 52.250
2.Carlos A. Reche 50.050
3.Isaac Botella 49.950


- October 12th took place a women control at Madrid. It were Elena Gómez, Cayetana Medina, Alba Planas, Marta Cusidó and Susana García, also juniors: Laura Campos, Barbara Benassar, Nadia Morales, Tania Gener, Melodie Pulgarín, Monica Mesalles, Lenika de Simone and Patricia Moreno.

-18 Birthday from Esther Moyà and Laura Martinez. ¡Congratulation! (photos from Deporweb)


EMDw.gif (13696 bytes)LMDw.gif (14456 bytes)


-Laura Martinez was operated, the third time, on July 30 from a knee injury. I hope she will recover and she will come back to the competition..

-Women Spanish National Championship:

    -Senior: only two gymnasts and another only in Unueven bars.


    Club Vault UB BB F Total
1 Elena Gómez Cor Olimpic 9.400 9.325 9.375 9.600 37.700
2 Cayetana Medina EDM Majadahonda 9.000 8.650 8.800 8.300 34.750
3 Alejandra Fernández CG Pozuelo - 8.525 - - 8.525




    Club Vault UB BB Floor Total
1 Patricia Moreno CG Pozuelo 9.400 8.450 8.425 9.575 35.850
2 Lenika de Simone CG Pozuelo 9.250 8.075 8.550 8.675 34.550
3 Monica Mesalles AGA Vilassar 8.425 7.700 8.325 8.200 32.650
4 Barbara Benassar Xelska 8.850 7.400 8.475 7.900 32.625
5 Maria Sevilla RCG Covadonga 8.400 7.925 7.900 7.600 31.825
6 Laura Campos EDM Merida 8.450 8.000 6.900 8.200 31.550
7 Maria del Sol COS-Master 8.100 7.925 7.100 8.150 31.275
8 Mireia Bosch GAER 8.075 7.550 7.325 7.875 30.825
9 Sheila Ruiz AGA Vilassar 8.400 7.675 6.775 7.900 30.750
10 Merce Sitges Egiba 8.350 7.225 6.975 8.150 30.700
11 Erika Fernández Urgatzi 8.725 6.600 6.800 7.700 29.825
12 Tania Gener AGA Vilassar - 8.050 7.825 7.950 23.825


-Women spanish championship will be next July 5, 6 and 7. Official web page is:

Elena Gómez is the favourite. Sara Moro and Laura Martinez won´t be because they are recovered from injuries.Althought in official page is Susana Garcia as participant, but I don´t know if it's a mistake or she has came back to the competition.

-Today, May the 11th, is Sara Moro birthday; she's 18. Nowadays she's recovering from back surgery. We hope she will be fit to compete in EF World at the end of the year. Congratulations Sara¡ (Photo from El Comercio newspaper).


SaraEC.bmp (190854 bytes)


-Spanish federation confirms Esther Moya has decided to retired because of an ankle injury.

-Spain has participated at European Men Championship in Patras Grecia, April 25 to 28. Senior team, with Victor Cano, Andreu Vivó, Alex Barrenechea, Oriol Combarros and Francisco Marias, has clasificated in 7th position. Victor Cano has been 8 AA. In Apparatous finals: Alex Barrenechea 6 F, Victor Cano 4 PH and Andreu Vivó 6 PB. Preview photo from Marca newspaper:


gimnastas_020425.jpg (4996 bytes)


Junior team, with Ivan San Miguel, Ricard Playà, Daniel Defensse, Isaac Botella and Saúl Menéndez, has clasificated in 14th. Ivan San Miguel has been 12th in AA, 7 R and 4 V.

-Jesús Carballo, recuperating from knee surgery, has been as an espectator in tennis tournament "Condes de Godó"  at Barcelona in April. Photo from Mundo Deportivo newspaper:


CarballoMDtenis04-02.jpg (17990 bytes)  

-Elena Gómez has been the only senior member in participate in european championship at (Greece). Alba Planas and  Marta Cusidó haven´t participated because injuries. She has been 7 AA, 6 V, 8 BB and 4 F. The junior team, with Patricia Moreno, Lenika de Simone, Melodi Pulgarín and Tania Gener, has clasificated 11. Patricia has clasificated 14 AA and Lenika 17 AA. Also Patricia has clasificated 4 F. Photo from Elena in AS newspaper:


ElenaEuropeoAsEPA.jpg (8263 bytes)


-El País newspaper publishes today, April 15, an article about Elena Gómez, where they says she's new spanish team start and she can win any medal in next european championship. Photo:


 ElenaElPais.jpg (12927 bytes)  


-Spanish women team in next european championship, at Patras (Greece), April 19-21

    Senior: Elena Gómez, Alba Planas and Marta Cusidó

    Junior: Melodi Pulgarín, Tania Gener, Patricia Moreno and Lenika de Simone

-Women Great Britain-Spain junior meeting in Great Britain


1.Spain 98.138
2.Great Britain 96.963


1.Lenika De Simone (Spain) 34.313
2.Vanessa HoBbs (Great Britain) 32.925
3.Patricia Moreno (Spain) 32.875


-Men Spain-Italy meeting in Torrent (Valencia), April 4-5


1.Spain A 163.000
1.Italy 163.000
3.Spain B 156.100


1.Saúl Cofiño (Spain) 53.300
2.Matteo Morandi (Italy) 53.200
3.Igor Cassina (Italy) 52.600


1.Spain A 153.600
2.Italy 149.800
3.Spain B 140.000


1.Ivan San Miguel (Spain) 51.350
2.Luca Forte (Italy) 51.000
3.Ricard Playà (Spain) 49.750


-In March 24-30 the spanish women team, will celebrate a concentration in Madrid. Depending of the results, trainer will choose the senior and junior teams that will take part in the meeting against Great Britain, in April 5-7, and in the Patras (Greece) European championship. The gymnasts are:

From Cataluña: Melodi Pulgarín, Monica Mesalles, Marta Cusidó, Tania Gener, Maria del Sol and Sara Alcala.

From Baleares: Marta Riera, Barbara Benassar and Raquel Pasqual.

From Madrid: Sol Muchaga.

Also will be the gymnasts continually concentrated  at Madrid, between these: Laura Martínez, Sara Moro, Alba Planas and Elena Gómez. Althought I don´t know anything about  the fit of the injured Laura and Sara. Esther Moyà will no be because she continues recovering fron her ankle injury.

-The spanish men team took part, out of medals, in Greece Championship. Rafael Martinez was the second and Javier Carballo the fitfh.

-Elena Gómez had took part in March 22-24 de Marzo at Cottbus tournament, Germany. She has been second in balance beam and floor, the only apparatous where she had took part. Alba Planas didn´t take part, because she was tired enought.

Elena's photos in Gymworld, publicated with authorization:


EG4.bmp (504054 bytes)nbbpress17.jpg (27159 bytes)nbbpress14.jpg (35304 bytes)


-Sara Moro suffered back surgery on March 1. She will be recovering from two months.

-Spanish federation notices Anna Parera has retired in January and now she compites in Tumbling. I have found in her club web, CN Granollers,  this photo whith her tumbling teammate (Patricia Suarez and Yolanda Molina). Anna is in the center:


TUMBLING-TECNIFICACIOpetit.gif (37891 bytes)


-Photos from Andreu Vivó, winner at Spain-Greece senior meeting (AS newspaper):


AndreuAs.jpg (7396 bytes)AndreuAs2.jpg (9311 bytes)


-Spain-Greece men meeting at Las Rozas (Madrid) February 17, 2002:


1.Spain A 241.650
2.Spain B 209.550
3.Greece 204.450


1.Andreu Vivó 54.000
2.Alejandro Barrenechea 53.850
3.Victor Cano 53.150


1.Greece 149.850
2.Spain A 148.250
3.Spain B 144.150


1.Christos Libanovnos (Greece) 52.650
2.Ivan San Miguel 50.950
3.Ricard Playà 50.200


-Esther Moyà was in an interview in Childhood Salon at Barcelona in December 2001, 29. She said she was recuperating from a ankle injury, but she thought she will be at 2002 european. She also said she would like to study medicine (El Mundo Deportivo newspaper, December 30, 2001). Photo:


EMMD.jpg (15613 bytes)



TN00411A1.gif (2245 bytes)

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